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Cannot view more than one stream at once?


I have a test app that connects to a DVR via RTSP, url looks like this:
If I connect to the DVR once it works beautifully, but if I try and connect a second connection to channel two (change ch1 to ch2) then av_open_input_file from within AvFormatContext::Open never returns.

This happens even if I copy my program directory to another location and run it as a separate process. Though if I run the program on another machine I can get them both connecting at the same time?! There must be some kind of locking that is at the machine level which is preventing this from working.

Looking at Wireshark, the subsequent connections is opened and a response is returned but it looks like ffmpeg ignores the response?

I can also reproduce this with the Harness' SimplePlayer player if I change it to load these urls when selecting a file like so:

SimplePlayer.cs L37
DecodeWorker.RunWorkerAsync("rtsp://admin:0000@" + new Random().Next(1, 3).ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture));
If I run two instances of ffmpeg.exe to connect to these channels it works perfectly, so I can't understand why this wouldn't work with via avcodec/avformat??

Any help would be most appreciated!