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I am working on a new code base for this that should be easier to manage.

Project Description
A .NET wrapper for the FFMPEG library, designed to be easy to use and as complete as possible!

Project Status
Currently in very alpha stages. The following functionality is working:
  • Decode of video frames (can save them as BMPs or whatever format GDI+ supports, returns a Bitmap)
  • Decode of audio into PCM (which can then be saved into a WAV file)
  • The release will build into a single assembly - no FFMPEG dlls or any other files! Everything is linked in.

The following are currently in the TODO list:
  • Encoding support
  • Some utilitiy classes to wrap WAV files.
  • Weed out the memory leaks.

A official release has not been made yet.

A majority of the assembly is coded in C++/CLI to allow maximum interoperability betwen native and managed code. However, the public classes can be used in any .NET language.

None yet, but will be written soon. Check here:

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